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Inspiring the next generation


Train. mobilise. multiply 

World need visionary leaders who have a great moral character, devotion, leadership skills, engage in activities that foster ethical behaviour, build an inclusive community, demonstrate social responsibility and inspire a commitment to excellence and motivated to bring the true light to the world.  Together we prepare future leaders of all generation to take the message of love. 

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At MissionVillage, we designed divergent courses and seminars. Over the years we established and implemented several training programs. We seek to train our staff and students as leaders, teachers, disciple-makers, musicians, artist, entrepreneurs, business owners, social workers, etc so that they may be fully equipped to effectively reach the lost and lead to abundance life. We desire to train and equip each of our members to communicate well and lead people into firmly grounded in their understanding and application of the Word in their lives. 

It's What we do

We desire to have a positive impact and influence to the world. We seek to provide life-changing discipleship, development and multiplication of leaders. We look to nurture people who will  think beyond themselves; people who will rise up as visionary leaders who see a better tomorrow. In order to change our world,  it is our aim to develop leaders who want more than just to be followers, but people who themselves have a desire to created, develop and multiply leaders.  When this happens, the entire world benefits. We desire to see leaders who will eventually take the tools they learn and impact and influence their communities, nations, businesses and all spheres of society, including education, arts, music, media, etc. Our desire is to see our world impacted and transformed  by men and women who are truly committed to love, serve and sacrifice for others. Together we can all make a difference. 


Train to prepare for life-on-life discipleship and leadership for long-term effectiveness 


Build and prepare a life together by serving to create a lasting and meaningful impact


To respond and to the Great Commission we must be willing to lead the way

How can you enrol for our training program?

We desire to hear from you and help you to provide adequate information so that you can start the first step to enrol for our prerequisite course DTS (Discipleship Training School) and for the advanced course.

Call us

Schedule a Call

You are about to make immense decision to come for the school and you may several concern, question, doubt, fear, etc also contemplating whether our course are right for you, we understand that is why are here for you to help process with you. Why wait call us today


MissionVillage Training Campus

Enroll online

MissionVillage Training Campus

If you don't want to call us, and you are ready and satisfied with all the information given in the website, go ahead and apply now. We'll collect some personal information from you and to get to know you more we will ask you some questions. Application process are very simple take upto 30 minute. Why wait go ahead click the enrol button. Please check our privacy policy in the bottom of the website.

Fill the Reference

It's for our best interest we will require a reference form which is a very confidential character form filled by your leader/mentor/teacher/small group leader/pastor. After we receive your application we will send the reference form to the respective person to fill behalf of you.

MissionVillage | UofN


UofN MissionVillage Campus

After we receive all the application form including reference form our respective school leader and his/her team will review the application. If needed we will call you for more information and wait for 3 working days for finalising your application. We will connect with you through call/WhatsApp/email as soon we know the decision is made by the school leaders team. 

Acceptance & Prepare

If you are accepted for the course, our registrar will send an acceptance e-package with all the vital details/information about the course. In this stage you can start preparing to come to our MissionVillage Training Campus, located in the city of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu-India.

   Experience @ MissionVillage

Come and be part of us, we are committed to develop, train, motivate, mobilise, respond to the call of the Great Commission, to provide excellence in all the training that we provide, to give you an opportunity to sharpen you skills according to you gifting and talents.

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