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Business studies


Course Overview 

Business with good practices and ethics will bring a positive and lasting impact to the community. Business which has only agenda to make money by cutting corners, poor quality, lack of integrity will eventually loose the trust from people, bad reputation spreads, and the company eventually goes out of business with an immense debt. We believe that for long term business reputation and success we need business venture has a commitment to excellence, integrity, fairness and ultimately heart to love and show respect to the customer without any discrimination, age and ethnic. The business ventures who give genuine care and treats their workers with dignity will bring a lasting and positive difference with overall production and for the product sale of the company. We believe that training and equipping the students with transformative models with all the necessary resources to be more effective owner in business culture.



We desire to raise up leaders and managers who are inspiring, motivating and training them with kingdom principles and values and having the courage to live a life in service of the common good. We want to see our student learn a business model that brings the nation, community, people, culture transformed.

Current  Course

Coffee Shop



The School of Transformational Business (SOTB) teaches one to start and run a Godly, profitable business with the purpose of making an influence and to be the light in the darkness. SOTB trains participants in the basics of starting a business, management as well as demonstrating how business can be used as medium to share the good news and to empowering the poor and needy, leading to transformation of communities and nation. This school will offer teaching from experienced business owners who have been involved in Business As Missions or have extensive experience in business.

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