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Last updated: June 09, 2020

Thank you for choosing MissionVillage. 


If, for any reason, You are not completely satisfied with our program. We invite You to review our policy on refunds. The following terms are applicable for any service/training fees/donation you paid.

Due to commitments involved in planing our program the following refund policy will apply

we will our best to apply the policies for early training termination or early student withdrawal due to unavoidable circumstances in percentage of the total school tuition due. There won't any fees will be refunded if the student or our volunteer staff has been expelled due to not abiding the campus regulations/discipleship issues or if he/she is a threat to community. Please refer to our policy and guidelines ' Student/Staff handbook'

  • Prior to the first class session 100% of all fees dues

  • During the first week of classes 85% of all fees dues

  • During the second week of classes 65% of of all fees dues

  • During the third week of classes 45% of all fees dues

  • During the fourth week of classes 35% of all fees dues

  • During the fifth week of classes 0% of all fees due

Any donation paid through online or other pay-mode, will not be refundable.

Contact us

If you have any questions about our Refunds Policy, please contact us:

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